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welcome to divine_designs

Welcome to divine_designs! This community is co-owned by
riversofsound -Erin and fmdjgirl -Jeanna

and moderated by aylajade -Charity, daisychayn -Brandi, tragicmouse -Nina goddess_ami -Ami

Other Designers:

hawtxjuly, panda_nuggets, notashamed, laikordracthor, happyface105, glamrox, dimruthien, nightdriller, imafall3nstar, baby_scarling.

If you are tired of owning a boring journal or having a layout that looks like everyone else's journal, then you came to the right place. Divine Designs offers icons, banners, pre-made layouts for paid and free accounts and more! A lot of our posts are friends only, so become a member and add us to your friends page. Occasionally, we take requests, but generally we use this community as a posting outlet for all of our designs. If you like what you see and use, please let your friends know to come join. Please take one of our banners below and place it on your user information.

If you wish to be a designer, contact either Erin or Jeanna with examples of your works. We are pretty open to accepting new designers, so don't be shy.

This is a no drama community. If you start it, we will finish it by kicking you out and banning you. There is a one warning rule.

-Credit ALL of your icons. We don't care if they weren't made by us, someone made them. If you aren't sure who made them, put unknown creator in your keywords. If you made it, say it. Be proud! We even wrote a step by step explination on how to credit your icons here.
-Credit for icons must be in the icon keywords. We are not going to bother looking through user infos for credit.
-Credit your layout unless it is a default layout by livejournal. Credit must be on the layout and/or in your user profile. If you made it, say it. Be proud!
-If you are a member of graphic stealing/sharing communities, don't bother. No, really.
-Don't waste your time creating a brand new journal to sneak in. You won't.
-No test journals or community journals.
-Credit the designer and divine_designs in the keywords, layout or your user information
-No drama
-Do not alter anything without the designer's permission first. This includes all icons, banners, layouts, etc.
- Don't copy our graphics. If you see something you want in a different color, text or a slight change made, try asking the designer on the post. They are not obligated to fulfill your request, but all of us are pretty nice and you might get lucky.
-We have a one warning rule. If you are found breaking any of the rules, you will be warned once. The second time, you will be banned.
-Do not try to contact us in our personal journals.
-Don't like our rules? Don't apply.

Link to divine_designs

Join divine designs for icons, banners and layouts!

Join divine designs for icons, banners and layouts!

Join divine designs for icons, banners and layouts!

Join divine designs for icons, banners and layouts!

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kiss my pixels lj!

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awesome LAYOUTS!!

awesome ICONS!!

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